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We are Saphi, expression that evokes root in quechua, native language from Los Andes mountain range.
Our main goal is to feed our community in a healthy way with the smaller impact to nature. We are active members of the local trade market.

Saphi is an organic farm divided in two types of land:

The heights: next to Trimurti School, foothills of the Coturco. An idyllic mountainside that is very generous to grow quinoa, potatoes, barley, provide fresh water and home for a family of sheep that share with us soft wool to create our soothing yoga mats and warming Ponchos. From here you can go to enjoy infinite combination of trails to hike around the mountains.

The cloud forest: On the Mindo Nambillo reserve, home of birds, butterflies, orchids and one of the most biodiverse expressions of life, where we practice ecological living in harmony with nature. We grow warm, humid plants such as cassava, ginger…

It is also basecamp for fieldtrips into the rainforest, waterfalls, river rafting and yoga retreats.

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